Ut Conducting Research Study to Determine Usefulness of Wi-fi Hotspots in Perry County

The University of Tennessee Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics is conducting a research study in Perry County. “We have partnered with the Perry County Library System to study the usefulness of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the county,” explained Dr. Sreedhar Upendram, Assistant Professor.

The study involves lending Wi-Fi hotspots to qualified households for three-day periods to determine if the hotspot coverage is adequate to support internet browsing. Wi-Fi hotspots are dependent on cellular towers for access to the internet. Cellular coverage has not been ideal throughout Perry County. This study will provide important information about the availability of hotspot coverage in areas where broadband access is not available. It will also identify the demand for hotspots by community members who need access to the internet from their homes.

Nan Garrett, Branch Manager of the Lobelville Library, stated “If your household meets the qualifications, and you want to be added to the list to test a hotspot, contact the library in Lobelville at 931-593-3111 or contact the library in Linden at 931-589-5011.”


Qualifications for participating in the research study include:

  • the household is in Perry County
  • an adult in the household has a library card from the library in Lobelville or the library in Linden
  • willingness to abide by the University of Tennessee IT Policy
  • access to a Wi-Fi enabled device such as a laptop, tablet, smartphone
  • technical skills to operate the hotspot and perform a speed test without help from Tech Support
  • willingness to complete a survey and provide feedback about the hotspot performance
  • willingness to accept complete responsibility for equipment in the event of loss or damage
  • ability to pick-up and return equipment within the 3-day study period
  • ability to be reached by telephone.

If you qualify and are interested in being part of the study, contact your library to be placed on the list.