Scott A. Combs, an author of science-fiction books, has recently moved to Perry County from Arizona. He is also an artist, graphic designer and software engineer. Shortly after moving to our beautiful county, he visited the library in Linden and met the library staff.

When Librarians Dale Miller and Gail Spragins learned that he had written six books, they wanted to add the books to the collection. Combs graciously provided autographed copies of the books, and they have been featured at the Circulation Desk in Linden. The Lobelville Library also has copies of the books, shown above. Combs is also the artist and designer, as well, of the colorful book covers. 

Combs' books are so popular that library patrons have been on the waiting list to read them. Last week Larry Green was telling Librarian Dale Miller how much he enjoyed reading Combs' books when Combs walked in the library to check out some titles. Green was happy to meet his newest favorite author and pose for a photo.

In addition to donating books to the libraries, Combs recently donated an Apple Mac Mini and fabulous monitor to the library in Linden. The Apple is available for use by visitors to the library.