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Betty Barber
CO-FOUNDER - FRIENDS of the library for the perry county public library system

Betty was instrumental in not only the Friends, but continues to this day as the driving force behind the Imagination Library efforts in Perry County.

Started in 2005 as a 501(c), the local Friends of the Library held its first meeting to organize the Board of Directors and set goals for the Friends.

Fundraisers were planned, and events scheduled to make sure the Friends were a valuable asset to the community and to both branches of the library system.  The Friends did things the local government weren't able to do, like raise money for the libraries by having books sales at the library and at local festivals.  

Today they support the Imagination Library and all library functions.  Books are for sale in the Linden Library with the money going to the Friends in their support of the Library.  

To find out more, contact Gail Spragins the next time you're in town or call her anytime the library is open.

Perry County Friends of the Library
Board of Directors

Nan Garrett, President 
Tony Breda, Vice President  
Barb Garrett, Treasurer 
Rita Baker, Member at Large

To support future readers and lovers of our local library has been a privilege and an honor.

Book Sales

  • In the library.
  • At local festivals.
  • Book signings.
  • Speaking engagements

Love to read?  Can't find enough books at a great price?  Visit the Linden Library to find out more about how you can purchase a bag(!) of books the next time you're in town.  All funds are donated to the Friends who in turn spend the money in support of the local library.

Bag of Books:  $4.00
      Always available!  What a bargain!  Especially when you consider what you would pay elsewhere.   Ask to browse through the available books and find a good read.

Books For Sale