Libraries Rock! 2018 Summer Reading ProgramWe need your help to support our Summer Reading Program.

Our theme is Libraries Rock!   Our programs are centered around books about music, including musical instruments, musical performances, and history of music.   We also plan to include books and information about the mineralogical version of Rocks.   To do all of this, we need donations and people. 

Specifically, we need:

  1. Donations: Primarily we need money to buy supplies, pay for programs, and increase our library’s collection with topic-specific items. We will also need some specific items for the programs which could be supplied by local people and businesses.
  2. People: We plan to expand this year’s program with age-specific groups. So we need volunteers who will help coordinate each group. The materials we have to assist us offer age specific groups, which are:

ο   Early literacy program for infants through kindergarten ages.
ο   Children’s program which could be one large group or could be subdivided into groups age 6-8 and then ages 9-12.
ο   Teens ages 13 and up.

Help support your local Summer Reading Program by making a donation to the Friends of the Library or offering your time to help coordinate a program.

If you can help in any way, please call Nan at the library at 589-5011.   For more information on the Summer Reading Program, please visit the Collaborative Library Summer Program.

The Dolly Parton Imagination Library provides age appropriate books for children from birth to 5 years old. Be sure to register your child. It's free!

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